It was not a whim of ours. Since childhood we have always known that, on these hills, there was a great tradition of quality cereals and, in our genes, there has always been the skill to grow them.

It was 1969 when my grandfather, Enos Ghignoni, received the Italian Federation of Agricultural Consortium’s Provincial “Spiga d’Oro” Prize in Grosseto for the 17th National Competition of seed grain producers.

Since then, we have always cultivated the dream of going back to growing wheat and, two years after our first harvest, our PASTABIO is ready: an Organic Senatore Cappelli pasta, brown, savoury and crunchy, stone ground, bronze drawn and dried slowly. A pasta that seems new in taste, yet is very old, with a low gluten content that, with its ancient, rustic and warm taste of sun and wheat, will radically change the way you conceive pasta, starting with digestion. In fact, PASTABIO will not weigh you down, but rather will amaze in its digestibility while its delicately wrinkled surface perfectly soaks up any type of sauce: from the simplest to the most elaborate.

For the moment, we have discovered with our fusilli that the territory wins twice: in the combination of Montauto asparagus and Enos I.

But this is a story for another time.

Happy eating.

Riccardo Lepri


First we are hit by the smell, awakened by the ancient scent of malt, of wheat grains and the mill, which remind us of the earth warmed by the sun. There’s even a hint of hay that wafts from the packet when you open it for the first time.

With a few minutes of cooking Tenuta Montauto’s PASTABIO is ready.

A delicately burnished colour, a sign of patient stone milling and of slow bronze drawing, prepares the senses.

To the touch, a peculiar consistency, a perfectly distributed resistance both at a superficial level and in the deepest part of the fiber. It is taut, fibrous and uniform and, on the tongue, it has a delightfully wrinkled feel like that of an ear of wheat, perfect to capture any type of sauce.

The bite is crunchy and compact and gives off a malty scent that, in a retrospective way, reminds us of coffee powder. The taste is surprisingly one of grains and cereal, and flavourful to the point that it hardly needs any salt during cooking, which makes it all the more appealing to those looking to live a healthy lifestyle. It is a new, yet ancient taste.

This is Tenuta Montauto’s PASTABIO.